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Why did we choose to use emotional support animals at our office? Research has long supported the idea that animals can provide significant psychological health benefits.  Owning a pet has positive effects on mental health by fostering emotional connectivity and helping people manage times of stress.

Some of the other benefits that emotional support animals may provide include:

  • Less anxiety. Simply petting an animal can create a relaxation response and elevate mood.

  • Improved physical health. Studies have found that emotional support animals help to lower blood pressure, decrease respiration rates, and improve the ability to cope with pain, stress & anxiety

  • Reciprocal care and love.  Not only do animals provide unconditional love and companionship, but they also require care and love in return, which can be emotionally rewarding.

Pet therapy animals are pets trained to provide affection and comfort to people in a variety of settings. Numerous studies have investigated the benefits of therapy dogs and cats on people’s mental and physical health. Therapy pets help calm clients and may reduce anxiety in teens and adults.

Our Support Staff



Hi, my name is Daisy, and my mom is Crystal Schulze. I am a 2 year-old Pomeranian and am looking forward to becoming a trained therapy dog! I enjoy car rides, playing, and treats. My best friend is Churro the Pug, who I often spend time with at the office.  I love kitties too, but they scare me & sometimes they beat me up. I LOVE to meet new people and to give (and receive) a lot of attention and affection. While I enjoy sitting with clients during sessions,  I sometimes escape my mom’s office in search of more smiling faces in the halls to pet me! I look forward to meeting you soon!


Alli Rae

Hello everyone!

I'm Alli Rae, an 11-year-ols Chihuahua mix, and my mom is Kelsey McDonough. I'm proud to be a registered Emotional Support Animal, and always love meeting new people. Treats are my absolute favorite and if you offer me some, you'll instantly become my new best friend. I usually claim a cozy spot on the couch, and I'm always ready to join in on the conversation while you chat with my mom. Whether you need a paw to lean on or just a furry friend to share some cuddles, you can count on me. If you see me around, don't hesitate to say hello or maybe share a treat or two. Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi, I’m Makena!  I’m a 2 1/2 year old Cattle Dog/Pyrenees mix and I belong to MaryJeanne Chichester.  While I’m typically shy at first, if you give me plenty of treats, I’m sure to lay at your feet to keep you company while you have a chat with my mom.  You may see me roaming the halls from time to time, so please feel free to give me a scratch under my chin and tell me I’m a good girl.  Hope to see you around sometime!



Hi, my name is Churro, I’m a 2-year-old Pug and my mom is Megan Collins. I love being at work with my mom where I can play with my cousin Daisy and meet lots of new people every day! I love to lick and play, and I have a passion for table scraps even though I’m not supposed to. Mom says I’m only allowed to have doggy treats. I’m currently in classes to prepare for what mom calls a Therapy Dog, it’s a lot of fun and can’t wait to become one. I am very curious about a lot of things and will probably run up to smell you if I pass you, so please feel free to pet me (I love tail scratches!). So, if you see me, please feel free to say hi!

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