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Adult Counseling


Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time, but you may be feeling like it’s a permanent way of life. The to-do list is neverending and taking care of everyone else leaves no time for yourself.

That persistent feeling of too much stress and not enough time might be showing up as chronic anxiety or panic attacks. You feel like your thoughts are never going to stop. The worries and fears make it difficult to sleep and even more difficult to focus on work or quality time with people you love.

Therapy can help you find yourself again. It can help you feel grounded in who you are and help you feel worthy of self love. A compassionate therapist can help you connect to who you are again so that you can connect with the people closest to you.

We are all worthy of this love, sometimes life gets in the way and we forget that. I’d like to help you remember who you are and what’s most important to you.

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