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Counseling for Adolescents

Teenagers and their parents are in a difficult dance. The search for independence paired with the strong desire to stay close and connected makes everything so complicated. In fact, the relationship between parent and child can start to seem impossible.

Adolescents are under such pressure to perform, to get good grades, to follow the rules and also find their own way. All of this can lead to anxiety, panic, depression in teens.

And parenting an adolescent can be just as challenging. You’re struggling to be supportive and set good boundaries, but there’s no manual that ensures you get it right all the time.

We are here to support you and your child through this delicate time. We'll help them to recognize their own self worth, no matter what’s going on with their grades or their peers. We will help you understand yourself so that you can be a more confident, effective parent.


Self love can replace anxiety and connection can win over conflict.

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